Friday, July 24, 2009

Got the model prints back from Moddler

The Grey head is 3inchs tall, and the blue guy is 5 inches.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wobble bot

...actually just an arm that seems determine to knock that wine glass off the table.
This is an extension of the multiservo controller in the previous post.
Very wobbly, half the poor craftsmanship, half there is no 'ease in/ease out' in the servos, which might be the next challenge.
Spent most of this weekend looking for parts and tools, now that I have them... Ill probably just be getting some programing skills up.

Im (swine?) fluey, need another vino

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Arduino Multi Servo control

This is my other project that Im working on.
Im doing some tests for some animatronic/robotics work that is branching out to many other possible projects...
I can safely say that I have become a total wannabe Arduino nerd.
All the info I used for this test can be found here:

Ive sent these 2 models to be printed in 3d at They could have done with more work, but had a healthy deadline to work to. The hammer guy was made specifically to be printed and was done in about 2 days (including some robes that I ditched because it was staring to look a little pretentious) The other guy is a cube model that I thought would be a good model to do a print test.
Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.