Saturday, January 23, 2010

Interactive comic

This is an interactive comic I was playing with for a while. It never really went anywhere but was a great experiment in story(or non-story) to image.

I Am Reborn

A little backstory:
Mr Harper is a mild manner accountant who, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is teleported into a hell dimension. Upon arrival he meets with a giant, demi-god like creature that after a short battle is eaten whole.
While slowly being digested in the belly of the creature Harper finds a sharpened bone and cuts his way out of the beast.
He wakes up mysteriously back in our world, horribly burnt and hospitalized and soon discovers months have past and interdimensional creature have plagued the city.
his expierience has given him powers to see this that others cannot and a belief that his escape was not simply that but in fact a rebirth into a new world.
He searches with his partner Bob to find the bone that he believes will somehow save them all

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