Monday, September 27, 2010

Bunny Man Update

After spending a day making a mold for this guy I was at last ready to do a little metal casting. Still needs refining, but pretty happy how it went.

 A little of the process, from the wax cast, matrix molding and alloy casting.




  1. That is very impressive man! What metal did you use? My girlfriend would kick my ass if I used the frying pan to do this. :P

  2. Its a low melt alloy, mostly lead and tin, so its pretty heavy, but its ok for this guy, and its cheap.
    Yeah, the missus is pretty patience with me do this stuff in the house. But Im told when its getting too much... Like when shes studying and I place a gas mask on her head:)
    Oh, and we cook from a different pan... no lead poisoning for us!;)