Saturday, December 25, 2010

surprised monster

I like the idea of monsters being afraid, although I think this guy was just caught by surprise.
Going to cast this guy in resin after refining him a little.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hand life casts

Been a busy weekend, one mission was to do a hand life cast to scan... not entirely successful but now Im out of 880 alginate and not planning to buy any more, at least until Ive tried working with Body Double silicone...
anyway, they look nice but perhaps a little relax for a good digital asset, too many creases.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Roto Caster

Attempting to cast thin walls for my bug below, and failing, I realised how tired I was of 'rolling' the mold around with my hands until the resin set... as with other projects. So I decided to make something that would do it for me.
I got the gears and chains for free from charitable cyclist store, the wood, metal rods and other bits cost about $70-$80 I guess, so, In total, its far cheaper than the ones you buy for a 0 or 2 more.
It still needs a little tweaking but so far so good. Ill test it out this weekend when my long suffering girlfriend is at work and wont have listen to the drill that powers it go on for an hour or so while she tries to study...

The idea is that you place your mold, with the liquid material inside, in the middle of the machine and it will slowly slosh the material around, evenly on all the walls, it isnt designed to be centrifugal. 
The irregular speed in the video is purely due to my poor drill trigger squeezing skills:)


I wanted to cast a mix of soft and hard materials and blend them as a test for future projects, and a fat little bug seemed like a good place to try it out.
Legs will be done properly later, just roughed out for now