Monday, January 10, 2011

Something completely different

I was a total arcade parlour addict as a kid, if I had money on me and I walked past one of these places... it was all over. I always dreamed of having a machine or 2... as a kid. Well, recently Ive stumbled on several peoples MAME projects and, almost without thinking about it Ive started building my own... which is crazy without a garage... I have a very patient girlfriend...
Ive now made some space in my office where Im assembling the pieces, which means I have to wear a gas mask half the time as I foolishly choose to work with toxic MDF... pretty horrible stuff, but pretty easy to work with.

Anyway, here it is so far. I had looked at a lot of plans on the web, and found them too 'boxy' which is probably more accurate but I want to make something that looks nice too. After mocking up a model in 3d I decided to get rid of as many right angles as I could without making it too rounded, I also halved the depth and added some storage space in the base as these thing just dont need to be so big any more. Much of the electronics will be built from spare parts I have around the house, speakers, monitors etc.

So far Im pretty happy, but there will be a fair bit of patching up... Im no carpenter.

Big thanks to Craig J for helping me cart hardware around for a day.


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