Monday, February 14, 2011

Cab Update #3

Ok, back on this project.
Had some big paint issues... indoor, outdoor... apparently it makes a difference.... ahem.
Anyway, after 3 paints and several coats of each I can now move on. The paints still not completely dry, but I had to put the top speakers, monitor and bezel in. Once it is dry I can put doors, drawers, back panel, and console in... at long last. This was meant to be a month project, now one 1 and a half. Learning, learning.
Computer is the other slowing issue. I think the motherboard (after all kinds of tests) of the one I found on the street (explains why it was on the street...) is busted, so Ill be building the machine from scratch... yay (SI)



  1. Lol, you found a mobo on the street. Classic. Gotta love Sydney and people putting their shit out he front of their house.
    It's looking good bro.

  2. I found a whole machine minus hardrive on the street! its pretty regular it seems... just not when I need a new motherboard (or, maybe, power supply)
    Cheers, mate