Monday, February 21, 2011

Cab Update #6

Not wired up, just testing out the PC. It has definitely been the biggest headache, most of these parts are off the street and I had no idea what was working, compatible or obsolete. Its had taken a couple of weeks just in itself for me to test it and build, with many fails along the way.
It seems to be holding up for the moment. If it stays that way Ill spend some money on better RAM.


  1. Dude, that is absolutely magnificent! Really.
    Keep it black man! Don't put any designs on it, it looks so slick like this. Like a grand piano only way more geeky.
    Keep it up man. Geez, I'm gonna have to fly up just to kick your ass at street fighter on this thing.

  2. Ha, thanks mate,
    Ive considered keeping it black, but Ive also thought that on other peoples designs and then loved the artwork... I might do some 'paint overs' on some photos and see what I think. Certainly thinking abstract/minimalist.
    Anyway, still a lot more to do before then.
    Oh, and I look forward to the challenge;)