Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to make an Arcade in 10 (not so) easy steps...

Well, actually its not even finished yet, but it'll have to do for now as Im traveling interstate for a few months for a job.
Nods to this guys console panel which inspired parts of my final design, mixed with the original Defender marqee art, which Ive always loved... and the colour blue.
If I have time Ill hook up the LED 'coin' buttons on the console in the next day or so and maybe find a lower wattage for the marquee lamp.
The side panel art will have to wait. I did do a quick mock up of an idea Ive been toying with, I'll add it at the bottom.

The cab 'open'. Keyboard access draw, cupboards and the under the hood.

Some more shots of a different 'splatter' artwork I tried out... which I decided looked a little too "Hypercolour"... does anyone remember Hypercolour T-Shirts?

Close up of the final artwork.
...and lastly, a mock up. I found an image of graffiti art I liked and Photoshopped it. Not my work, I love it though. Might be the next project... learn how to paint...


  1. It's amazing! dude! My god! It's beautiful!
    WWWooh! It's done! I fuckin LOVE the paint work! AWESOME man!

  2. You know the paint job is just a PS paint over for now... But thats the kind of thing Im planning.
    All I need now is a second player. Maria gets bored after a short while;)

  3. Arrr man! Seeing this again just reminded me how freaking awesome it is!
    You better still have it next time I come and visit!