Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting into everything "LED"
This project is an update on the buttons for the arcade cab.
Its quite easy to buy a controller for this, but I needed 2 things included that I couldnt find on one board. One was a fade or PWM control between the RGB outputs the other is that fact I want a heap of buttons (around 20). I also wanted to test it out for a much bigger project Im building. So I built this

This is basically 4x TLC5940 chips made for x64 outputs. As each LED I using has red, green, and blue there will need to be a output for each. So thats around 20 RGB LEDs.

Ive made my buttons (minus the 220k resistors that took me ages to solder in as I realised I dont need them with this setup... learning) and tested a couple here

All I have to do now is put it all together on my control panel... its gonna get messy.

A little update.
Wanted to test a bunch of the button to see how it affected the voltage. Good news is it doesnt seem to matter if I fill all the outputs. Bad news, it looks like one of the TLCs is bugging out; note the lack of 'fading' on the peripheral buttons...

Hoping to fix and assemble this guy on the weekend.