Thursday, October 25, 2012

and where I have really been spending my time...


This is still pretty new to me, but its paying off already.
in sweet black gold.

More Octane

Spent an hour messing with this again tonight which I tried out on an old model.
Making a little more sense, but as its all GPU powered I need to up my hardware, its taking a long time just for these grainy shots.

This is after cooking it a little longer

Monday, October 1, 2012

Octane Render

Had a quick test of this renderer that the sup on my current job directed me to. Very similar to Maxwell, but so far, more enjoyable than stabbing yourself in the face with a toothpick. Actually, quite enjoyable.
More to come, when I know more about it.

Been a looong time

Other than working, Ive been doing lots of boring tutorials and tests. Ive also tried to make this more of a non-cg project, but... who am I kidding...

This is something I smashed out this long weekend. Very much inspired by the job Im currently working on. I was seeing lots of great models of a city environment and just felt like having a crack at it. Everthing was done in a couple of days except the car... I dont know where that came from.

Obviously not finished, an some temp textures, and slapped in sky. Ill work over it in the next couple of days.
Textures from