Friday, March 22, 2013

WED head part 2

Ok, Im away from home but I took a bunch of photos of the casting process before I left... which I didnt get all the way thru as I had to catch my flight. Ive actually left the sculpt still in the silicone and fibreglass mold as it hadnt set before leaving. Hopefully Ill still be able to dig the clay out without completely destroying the mold... to be continued.
In the meantime, photos from left to right, top to bottom.
1 bust on sculpting table
2 unmounted and lying on plastic sheet. Did a little clean up of edges here
3 Preparing silicone.
4 Applying silicone
5 First couple of layers done
6 Bottling beer completed
7 Finishing silicone mold (note pink ears. I added faster setting silicone to better work around the ears)
8 Starting fibreglass layers (Epoxy, a first time for me)
9 Fibreglassing complete
more to come